Aquatic Therapy


Befriending the unique environment of water!

Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapy is carried out to boost sensory processing and provide physical exercise. It is also a great way to enhance self-regulation. Children with special needs, joint motion concerns, musculoskeletal conditions, and neurological conditions are often advised to choose Aquatic Therapy.

Water, with its soothing nature, gentle pressure, and buoyancy provides muscle relaxation. Physiotherapists trained in Aquatic Therapy administer these sessions in a rehabilitation center. Understanding the physical laws of water is paramount in this situation and only experts can apply them correctly.

The most significant benefits of Aquatic Therapy are better coordination and larger range of motion, improved physical endurance, better balance, enhanced fine motor skills, reduced stress & pain, and controlled breathing.

Hydrostatic pressure, vestibular stimulation, and proprioceptive feedback are some of the approaches taken in this form of therapy.